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LeadValet is a revolutionary web application poised to transform how agencies approach lead generation. It's tailor-made to empower agencies, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs by providing instant access to a vast pool of targeted buyers in any niche, streamlining the process of acquiring high-value clients and accelerating business growth. With LeadValet, users can say goodbye to the tedious and often ineffective methods of scraping and prospecting, as it delivers preloaded contact information of decision-makers directly to their fingertips, saving time, effort, and resources.

Who Benefits from LeadValet?

Agencies: LeadValet is a game-changer for agencies looking to scale their client base efficiently. By bypassing gatekeepers and accessing direct contact information, agencies can connect directly with decision-makers and secure high-value clients across various industries. Freelancers: Independent freelancers and consultants can leverage LeadValet to streamline their lead generation efforts. Whether they specialize in marketing, design, consulting, or other services, LeadValet equips them with the tools to identify and reach out to potential clients effectively. Entrepreneurs: For entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business networks and establish partnerships, LeadValet offers a powerful solution. By accessing a comprehensive database of targeted buyers, entrepreneurs can initiate meaningful conversations and explore collaboration opportunities with relevant stakeholders.

Best For:

  • Agencies
  • Freelancer
  • Entrepreneurs 


LeadValet stands out as a comprehensive lead generation platform that simplifies the process of acquiring qualified leads. Unlike traditional scraping tools, LeadValet comes preloaded with millions of direct contact details of targeted buyers, eliminating the need for manual prospecting and scraping. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for users to navigate the platform and access valuable leads with just a few clicks.


  • Instant Access to Targeted Buyers: With LeadValet, users gain immediate access to millions of targeted buyers in any niche, enabling them to connect directly with decision-makers without the hassle of gatekeepers.
  • Zero Scraping Required: Unlike conventional lead generation methods that rely on scraping, LeadValet comes preloaded with extensive contact information, sparing users from the complexities and limitations of scraping tools.
  • Exclusive Local Business Data: LeadValet offers the most up-to-date and exclusive local business data that is not readily available to the public, providing users with a competitive edge in lead generation.
  • Effortless Setup: Users can get started with LeadValet without dealing with complicated setup procedures, IP address blocks, or the need for proxies and captchas, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Bypass Gatekeepers: By bypassing gatekeepers and accessing direct contact details, LeadValet empowers users to connect directly with decision-makers, facilitating smoother communication and faster deal closures.
  • Streamlined Lead Acquisition: LeadValet simplifies the lead acquisition process, allowing users to focus their time and resources on engaging with high-value prospects rather than on tedious prospecting tasks.
  • High-Quality Leads: With its comprehensive database and advanced algorithms, LeadValet delivers high-quality leads tailored to users' specific niche and preferences, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.
LeadValet is not just another lead generation tool; it's a game-changing solution designed to revolutionize how agencies and entrepreneurs acquire clients and drive business growth. With its innovative approach and robust features, LeadValet empowers users to take their business to new heights by unlocking a wealth of opportunities in their target markets.
List Building

LeadValet Agency

LeadValet is a cutting-edge web app designed to help grow your agency by providing instant access to millions of targeted buyers in any niche, bypassing gatekeepers and putting you directly in touch with decision-makers. With its preloaded database and streamlined functionality, LeadValet eliminates the need for scraping and offers exclusive local business data for enhanced lead generation.


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LeadValet Agency
  • LeadValet Agency $97.00
  • LeadValet Instant OutReach $47.00
  • LeadValet Expansion Pack $197.00
  • LeadValet Total Bundle $397.00

License Tiers

LeadValet Instant OutReach


One time
  • LeadValet Instant OutReach
  • Step-By-Step process to downloading and emailing leads in 90 seconds
  • The exact software used to better open rates
  • The set-up to ensure you get the best results
  • Plus other secrets and tactics to maximize your success

LeadValet Expansion Pack


One time
  • LeadValet Expansion Pack
  • Lead Expansion Pack -5x more leads
  • International Lead Expansion Pack - Leads from around the globe
  • Monthly Leads Pack - 5M new leads a month

LeadValet Total Bundle


One time
  • LeadValet Bundle
  • LeadValet Agency, OutReach & Expansion Pack
  • LeadValet Agency PLUS
  • LeadValet + Instant OutReach System
  • LeadValet + Stoodaio Agency
  • 60,000 Credits per year!

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