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One of the most effective forms of communication online is video. From marketing, to presentations, to brand awareness, videos are the present and future. Consistently being able to produce top-notch videos however can be a difficult and expensive task. With AiVideoSuite you never have to worry, you can create hundreds of high-quality videos on a regular basis, regardless of your video-editing experience. 

Who Benefits from AiVideoSuite?

Looking for a better way to create videos? Trying to find a new way to promote your product or service? If so, AiVideoSuite is perfect for you! With its easy to use dashboard and wide range of features, you’ll be able to engage with your audience in new and exciting ways you never thought were possible.  

Best For:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Novices & Professional videographers 


AiVideoSuite has a user-friendly interface with a wide array of features, which make it easy for individuals to create professional-quality videos. Driven by AI, this platform requires very little effort to create videos. It has a large range of customizable templates, so that users can cater their videos to their specific needs. Whether it's a marketing video, sales pitch, or a video for social, you will be able to find exactly what you need.  One of the main features of AiVideoSuite is its video editing capabilities. It’s machine learning, the app can take raw video footage you provide and turn it into a professional grade video. Complete with effects, transitions, and text overlays, not to mention trimming and cropping the video where need be.   In addition, AiVideoSuite has a large collection of multimedia assets to enhance your videos. From stock footage, images, audio and even animation, whatever you need you have available with AiVideoSuite.


  • AI-Powered Video Editing: Crop, trim, edit and more. AiVideoSuite can do all this and turn that raw footage into a high-quality video. 
  • Customizable Templates: AiVideoSuite comes with a wide selection of pre-designed templates. All of which can be tweaked and edited to fit your vision.   
  • Multimedia Asset Library: Push your video over the top with AiVideoSuite’s large collection of stock footage, images, audio and animations. 
  • Text and Graphics Overlay: Add in text, your logo, graphics, and slogan to make these videos unique to your company and brand. 
  • Voiceover and Music Integration: Add in voice overs and background music to get your message across.
  • Social Media Integration: All videos can be tailored and altered for any social media platform. Ensuring you can reach your audience regardless of what app they use.  
  • Analytics and Insights: Track the performance of your videos right from the app, with its built-in analytics tool. 
AiVideoSuite lets users create videos effortlessly, even if they have no prior video editing experience. With AI technology handling the intricate editing process, users can focus on personalizing their content with their unique branding and logo. Plus, a plethora of customizable features ensures that users can tailor their videos to match their exact vision and requirements.


AiVideoSuite is a video-creation platform where users can create high-quality marketing and sales videos (among others) with minimal effort.


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  • AIVideoSuite $37.00
  • AIVideoSuite Content Writer $37.00
  • AIVideoSuite Pro $47.00
  • AIVideoSuite Reseller $127.00

License Tiers

AIVideoSuite Content Writer


One time
  • High Quality, Proven-To-Convert Marketing Material
  • Website And Landing Page Copy
  • Blogs, Articles, And Guest Posts
  • Social Media Posts And Captions
  • Email Newsletters And Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Descriptions And Reviews
  • Video Scripts
  • Ad Copy And Banners

AIVideoSuite Pro


One time
  • Stable Diffusion Graphics Generator
  • Create AI Graphics On-Demand
  • Searchable horizontal & vertical stock images (Unlimited)
  • 100+ Customizable Horizontal Video Templates
  • 11 Hot Niches Included
  • 100 DFY video frames for whiteboard videos
  • Whiteboard video creation in multiple languages!
  • Create longer whiteboard videos with DOUBLE the slides

AIVideoSuite Reseller


One time
  • Cutting Edge GPT 4 powered AI App that sells like Hotcakes!
  • Get Ready for a 6-Figure bliss!
  • Ignite Your GPT 4 Powered Video, Voiceover, AI Graphics, and Content Creation Business with Remarkable Ease
  • Done for You Business Setup Worth Thousands of Dollars!

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