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Time and efficiency are crucial when handling things online. With IntelliMate it’s redefining the way we approach automation.  Designed to meet the diverse needs of business and individuals, IntelliMate is innovative and can streamline your process to improve overall productivity.

Who Benefits from IntelliMate?

IntelliMate is designed for anyone seeking to optimize their workflow. If you've ever found yourself dragged down by repetitive tasks, drowned in an excess of data, or yearning for a more efficient workflow, IntelliMate is your solution.

Best For: 

  • Busy professionals 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Teams and organizations looking for enhanced operational efficiency.


IntelliMate is like having your personal productivity sidekick. It helps you create custom workflows and takes care of those repetitive tasks.  The best part? No tech skills needed – it's made for everyone to use effortlessly.


  • Intuitive Workflow Builder: Easily design automation sequences with IntelliMate's drag-and-drop workflow builder. Craft personalized workflows using a variety of pre-built modules.
  • Versatile Integration: Seamlessly connect with any apps and custom APIs. IntelliMate ensures that your digital tools work together in one centralized hub.
  • Task Automation Made Easy: IntelliMate allows you to automate various actions, such as data entry, file management, and email communication. 
  • Data Handling and Transformation: IntelliMate provides robust data handling capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly manipulate, transform, and analyze data. From extraction to complex transformations. 
  • Conditional Logic and Decision-Making: Automation shouldn't be rigid. IntelliMate introduces conditional logic, enabling dynamic workflows that adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Enhanced Security: Your digital fortress is in good hands with IntelliMate's robust security measures. We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive information. Rest easy knowing that your data is shielded, and we adhere to industry-leading security standards, providing you with the tranquility you deserve.
  • Scale with IntelliMate: Just as your needs evolve, so does IntelliMate. Whether it's adapting to the nuances of growing workflows or accommodating complex automations, IntelliMate ensures that your journey is marked by continuous, unhindered growth.
As the world becomes more efficient, IntelliMate can help you get there. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking a better digital existence or a large enterprise looking to redefine your operational landscape, IntelliMate is your key to breaking through limitations and unleashing the full potential of automation.

IntelliMate AI

Intellimate is a cutting-edge platform enabling the creation of personalized AI avatar chatbots. These bots cater to diverse needs, from mentoring to lead generation, offering a versatile solution for businesses seeking enhanced engagement.


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IntelliMate AI
  • IntelliMate AI $37.00
  • IntelliMate AI Agency $97.00
  • IntelliMate AI Bundle $297.00
  • IntelliMate AI Elite $57.00
  • IntelliMate AI Enterprise $97.00

License Tiers

IntelliMate AI Agency


One time
  • Directly Provide Top Notch IntelliMate AI AI Smart Bot Creation Services to Your Client's and Charge Monthly or Recurring Fee For 100% Profits
  • Completely Cloud-Based Platform - No Domain, Hosting or Installation Required
  • Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace
  • Serve Unlimited Clients With Agency License
  • Serve Unlimited Team Members
  • Dashboard & Chatbot Footer White Labeling for You & Your Clients
  • Accurate Analysis of Client's Activities For Effective Monitoring
  • Dedicated Support To You & Your Clients - Chat Support Directly From Software
  • Business Management System To Manage Your Clients Plans
  • No Recurring/ Monthly or Yearly Fee Ever
  • Provide High In Demand Services
  • Unparallel price
  • Bonus #1 - SEO And Tracking
  • Bonus #2 - How To Set Up Your First Website
  • Bonus #3 - Free Business Videos
  • Bonus #4 - Blogging Traffic Mantra
  • Bonus #5 - Christmas Themed & Wordpress Themes

IntelliMate AI Bundle


One time
  • IntelliMate AI Elite
  • IntelliMate AI Enterprise
  • IntelliMate AI Agency
  • SiteSmart AI
  • Premium Fast Action Bonuses

IntelliMate AI Elite


One time
  • UNLIMITED WorkSpace To Keep Each of Your & Client's Project Separate
  • UNLIMITED Lead collection using IntelliMate AI Smart Lead Collection feature
  • UNLIMITED Embed IntelliMate AI on UNLIMITED WebSites / Funnels / Pages.
  • UNLIMITED Email Lists using IntelliMate AI
  • UNLIMITED Contact Managmenet using Inbuilt Contact Management System
  • Get Your Subscribers Auto-Registered For Your Webinars With Webinar Platform Integrations
  • Activate IntelliMate AI in 50 More Languages
  • Personalized Conversations with Your Visitors & Customers
  • Regenerate Response Generated By IntelliMate AI
  • Keyword Triggered Responses

IntelliMate AI Enterprise


One time
  • Rebrand IntelliMate AI & Make it Like Yours
  • Set up a Welcome Message on Your Own Branded Bot
  • Set up a Triger & Response based Chat Funnel
  • Set up Thank you Message at End of Conversation
  • Time-based Chat Initiation
  • Auto Pop-up Lead Collection form When Chat Starts or End
  • Advanced Engagement Booster
  • Keyword Triggered Responses
  • Time Delayed Chat Triggers
  • Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Customers Using CRM Integrations
  • Grow your Sales & Marketing with IntelliMate AI
  • Collect Reviews on your Website
  • Book Appointments & Meetings
  • Survey & Feedbacks
  • 5 Satr Ratings
  • Engage Leads
  • Show Affiliate offers
  • Unparallel price
  • BONUSES WORTH $1,988 FREE!!!

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