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PR Scribe is designed not just for writing strong and effective press releases, but for improving your overall writing experience.  Whether you're an experienced writer, just starting out, or a business expert, PR Scribe has something that can be of assistance to you. It's more than just a writing assistant, this platform offers a unique solution, enhancing your written work. 

Who Benefits from PR Scribe?

PR Scribe caters to a diverse audience, making it an invaluable asset for various individuals and professionals. Writers looking to enhance their creativity and efficiency will find PR Scribe to be an indispensable companion.  Some of the more advanced features of PR Scribe are designed with businesses and business professionals in mind. While other features are geared more towards students and educators just starting out their writing journey.

Best For

  • Writers and Authors
  • Business Professionals
  • Students and Educators
  • Content Creators
  • Anyone Seeking Effective Communication


PR Scribe is more than just a general spell check program. This AI-powered platform is a writing tool, improving and enhancing your written content with smart suggestions that fit with your unique writing style.  Whether you're writing an email, blog post, or yes even a press release, PR Scribe adapts to your style, providing options and changes, making your writing more compelling and error-free.  


  • Smart Grammar and Style Suggestions: PR Scribe has advanced algorithms to analyze your writing style. It corrects grammatical and punctuation errors, while also offering suggestions on the style and tone of your writing.  
  • Vocabulary and Word Suggestions: PR Scribe is your own personal thesaurus. Offering new and fresh words so that your content varies and doesn’t end up sounding too repetitive.  
  • Writing Support that Understands You: This is one of the best features of PR Scribe. Navigating the nuances of your writing is where PR Scribe truly shines. It offers suggestions that are unique to your writing style so that you are getting the proper assistance. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Say goodbye to concerns about unintentional similarities or copied material—PR Scribe has got your back with its built in plagiarism checker. 
  • Document Summarization: PR Scribe can do more than assist you with writing. The document summarization feature lets you submit a document of any size and the AI will analyze it and give you a brief summary of it covering all the major points. 
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Good writing takes more than one person, so PR Scribe has made it easy to share your work with colleagues. Allowing them to make real-time edits and provide feedback. 
  • Multiple Language Support: No matter what language you or your clients speak, PR Scribe can assist with support in multiple languages. It’s designed for a global audience so wherever you (or your business) are in the world PR Scribe can help. 
By combining AI intelligence with a user-friendly interface, PR Scribe is your ultimate writing partner. Designed to not just focus on spelling and grammar this platform adjusts and adapts to your writing style so that its suggestions actually fit with the message and tone you are trying to convey.  Elevate your writing experience with PR Scribe and embark on a journey of enhanced creativity, efficiency, and impact.

PR Scribe

PR Scribe is a sophisticated tool designed for crafting compelling and effective press releases. It streamlines the process of writing, editing, and optimizing press releases.


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PR Scribe
  • PR Scribe $67.00
  • PR Scribe Bundle $297.00
  • PR Scribe Dfy Suite $47.00
  • PR Scribe Plus $47.00

License Tiers

PR Scribe Bundle


One time
  • PR Scribe Agency+
  • 22k/m Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint
  • DFY Suite 5.0: 7,500 Pack
  • DFY Authority Special
  • Syndlab Booster

PR Scribe Dfy Suite


One time
  • 100% Done-For-You Syndication System
  • NO Software to Download or Learn
  • ZERO Social Account Creation Required on Your Part
  • NO Captchas or Proxies to Deal With
  • HUNDREDS of Social And Wiki Links Built FOR YOU
  • Submit ALL Your Tube Charge Campaigns for Syndication
  • Agency Access Included for a VERY-Limited Time
  • 5,000 ONE-TIME credits at a MASSIVE Discount
  • 2,500 BONUS Credits for Fast Action Takers

PR Scribe Plus


One time
  • PR Scribe Agency+ Discounted Membership
  • 25 Press Release Written For You EVERY Month
  • 25 Press Releases Distributed For You EVERY MONTH
  • Access To ALL NEW Sites We Add to Our High-Quality Distribution Network
  • 3 Links Allowed Per Press Release

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