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Introducing AppOwls the AI-powered mobile app builder that creates stunning, high-quality apps for any business or niche in record time! Unlock a world of opportunities with just one keyword and let their technology do all the work. Now you can tap into hungry buyers within sectors from restaurants to daycares - and sell more than ever before!

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Build an entire mobile app portfolio in a flash with AppOwls. With their innovative platform, you can generate up to 100 apps across iOS and Android systems. Forget manual coding - choose from over 100 niches and use the Mobile App Editor to create custom templates fast. Reach your users quickly by sending out push notifications or building multi-page apps; even manage 10,000+ downloads/installs effortlessly – no domain registration or web hosting needed! Publish on stores like Apple Store at no extra cost too.   Transform your business operations with our revolutionary SMS Integration and multiple Autoresponder capabilities. Create stunning mobile eCommerce apps with full standard checkout features, including PayPal, Stripe Square PayStick & RazorPay support; plus add products to enable a seamless digital shopping experience for customers! Enhance the value proposition even further by adding text, images, audio videos headers, buttons, countdown timers, iFrames, sliders ratings or maps - as well as deepen user engagement with unique loyalty programs and membership options. Maximize security online through free SSL on all hosted applications while utilizing deep app analytics included in every package alongside 100% ADA + GDPR compliant accessibility standards backed up by detailed training (videos/PDF) , dedicated customer service & regular updates throughout the year.


BREAKTHROUGH A.I. TECHNOLOGY Automatically Creates Stunning Mobile Apps For Any Business In Any Niche With Just A Keyword In 60 Seconds…


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  • AppOwls $67.00
  • AppOwls Bundle $297.00
  • AppOwls FastPass Bundle $227.00
  • AppOwls Professional $67.00

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AppOwls Bundle


One time
  • AppOwls Bundle
  • Access to AppOwls Commercial, Professional and FastPass Bundle
  • Access to AppOwls Unlimited
  • Access to AppOwls Agency
  • Access to AppOwls WhiteLabel
  • Access to AppOwls DFY

AppOwls FastPass Bundle


One time
  • AppOwls FastPass Bundle
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • Free Cloud-Storage
  • TikTok Traffic Generation for Internet Marketers
  • WP TubeLeads
  • Underground Traffic Sources

AppOwls Professional


One time
  • AppOwls Professional
  • Remove AppOwls Branding & Logo, and Add Your Own
  • SuperFast Websites - Top Google Ranking
  • 5 NEW Templates Added Monthly
  • Unlimited Access to New Design Blocks
  • 50 Account Reseller Panel
  • Export/Download ALL Your Apps
  • Host & Publish On Your Own Server
  • EXTRA Autoresponders To Choose From
  • Commercial License Included

From the founders

Hey Wickedian! 👋 We're thrilled to introduce ourselves to the amazing Wicked Apps community. I'm Deepak, the founder of AppOwls, and together with our passionate team, we've developed an AI-based browser extension that's about to change the way you interact with the internet. Copilotly is your personal AI copilot that assists you with tasks like writing, searching, and staying focused while browsing the web. Our goal is to make your online experience seamless and efficient, saving you time and effort so you can focus on what really matters. Here's a taste of what AppOwls brings to your browsing experience: 🔹Highlight text on any website and choose a category and copilot to generate text or perform functions 🔹Use different copilots for general, emails, blogs, and manipulating text 🔹Get quick explanations, definitions, and more with our "Meaning of", "Tell me more about", "Explain it like I'm 5", and "Define this acronym" copilots 🔹Craft perfect emails with our email copilots, including "Write an email about", "Reply to this email", "Rephrase this email", "Write a follow-up email", and more 🔹Stay focused with AI-generated content that's relevant to your needs We believe thatAppOwls is more than just a browser extension; it's a catalyst for unleashing your true potential. Our team is continuously working on enhancingAppOwls, and we can't wait to share our ambitious roadmap with you. As you embark on this exciting journey withAppOwls, we want you to know that we're here to support you every step of the way. Our team is ready to answer any questions and provide guidance as you explore the limitless possibilities thatAppOwls offers. So, why wait? Join us in revolutionizing the way you browse the internet withAppOwls. Let's make your online experience smarter, faster, and more enjoyable. 🚀 Happy browsing! Deepak & theAppOwls team

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