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Massfluence is the future of site building technology: an app that automatically creates all-in-one sites complete with self-growing communities, engaging video courses, and seamless selling systems. Not only does this innovative tool help local businesses save on expensive ads and funnels, it also drives hard leads and sales directly to their site. Say goodbye to old-fashioned site building and hello to a dynamic, gamified community-driven platform.

About this Product 

With MassFluence’s comprehensive platform, you'll have access to an array of cutting-edge technologies and tools designed to help you succeed. From tutorials and 24-7 support to autoresponder integration and gamification technology, Massfluence has everything you need to create engaging and interactive courses. You can even host live events and sell digital or physical products with ease. And with the viral link referral technology, video and voice marketing tech, QR code technology, and 20 DFY templates, you'll be creating stunning, professional-grade content in no time.    Plus, with the ability to make 100 sites and 500 private or public groups, you have unlimited possibilities. And if you're looking to take your business to the next level, the commercial and agency rights give you the flexibility to sell to other businesses and manage up to 15 accounts.   

Massfluence Commercial

Auto-build ‘Next Generation’ Sites that Sell Products, Generate Leads, & Build Raving Fans Automatically


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Massfluence Commercial
  • Massfluence Commercial $42.00
  • Massfluence FastPass Bundle $230.00
  • Massfluence Gold $97.00
  • Massfluence Platinum $127.00
  • Massfluence Ruby $67.00

License Tiers

Massfluence FastPass Bundle


One time
  • MassFluence FastPass Bundle
  • Includes all upgrades and features from MassFluence Commercial, Ruby, Gold and Platinum
  • Tutorials & Knowledge-base
  • No Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs
  • Access Upgrade Bonuses & Licenses Available

Massfluence Gold


One time
  • MassFluence Gold
  • Create Unlimited Sites, Site Channels & Communities
  • Create Unlimited Courses & Products
  • Add Banner Ads & Popup Banners
  • Bulk Email Notifications & Broadcasts
  • Advanced List Segmentation

Massfluence Platinum


One time
  • MassFluence Platinum
  • Whitelabel Ability
  • DFY Resellers Rights, Lead Magnets, Logos
  • Reseller Rights Materials
  • Print-on-Demand Brochure
  • Cold Email Reputation Swipes
  • DFY TeleSwipes

Massfluence Ruby


One time
  • MassFluence Ruby
  • Outsourcers License + Team Member Technology
  • 20 DFY Gamified Massfluence Sites with Courses in Them
  • Unlimited Hosting Plan – Host Your ‘Gamified’ Agency Site on Our Services
  • DFY Lead Generation Agency Ads
  • Massfluence Template Club Access

From the founders

Hey Wickedian! 🌮 I'm Arnaud Belinga, one of the two Co-Founder @Massfluence 🧊🔨, the Sales CRM to build modern B2B relationships.   Massfluence's part with Twitter still works with the recent events? YES. Massfluence is not impacted by Twitter's recent changes, Twitter’s feature is live and functional + if potential problems were to arise, team has different solutions in place to solve them. What's so special about Massfluence? 👀 Compare to traditional CRMs, Massfluence allows you to interact with B2B contacts natively inside the CRM not only via Email but also with LinkedIn & Twitter. Special use cases of Massfluence CRM include: 👉 aggregating the LinkedIn/Twitter posts of your B2B contacts to save time on prospect's research 👉 liking, commenting LinkedIn/Twitter posts & sending messages/emails to your B2B contacts in 1 place so you can: - stay top of mind during a deal to win it - bond with existing clients to increase retention, feedback and word of mouth - generate high-value leads with fast personalized outreach 👉 assigning virtual asssitants (VAs) or team members to engage on your behalf 👉 creating curated feeds of your B2B contacts to engage them as a team 👉 turning your traditional CRM into a Social Selling CRM by sending your most valuable leads to Massfluence Why Massfluence's vision about closing deals is so special? 1️⃣ whatever the service (SaaS or Agency), everything gets commoditized, similar offers, similar services etc 2️⃣ people are getting smashed more and more by cold emails and automated LinkedIn/Twitter DMs Considering these 2 things, why a salesperson wins a deal against another salesperson?

 Because people relate to people and they tend to pick the one they feel the closest too, it’s that simple. The top 1% of online salespeople build the best B2B relationships but they have to open +1000 tabs a day to do so. The other 99% just don't have the time or the energy to do so, Massfluence helps you fix that to join the 1% club. Hope to see you soon becoming Massfluenceers 🧊🔨

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