Product details

Sendiio is an AI autoresponder. It can be set up to respond and send emails, texts, and Facebook messages all from within the same dashboard. Thus eliminating the need for multiple platforms that come with multiple fees. This ensures your message gets delivered to the right place at the right time.  

Who Benefits from Sendiio?

Sendiio caters to those who send mail through multiple channels and want an easy way to organize everything. With its autoresponder capabilities you can be sure your customers get prompt messages whenever they need at all hours of the day. This can boost customer engagement and improve your communication with your clients.  

Best For:

  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small & Medium-sized Businesses
  • Enterprises


Sendiio allows users to create, manage, and analyze email, text, and Facebook Messenger campaigns easily. It makes marketing easy as it can write and send messages with ease. Increasing the customer experience knowing that they receive responses to their messages promptly regardless of time. 


  • AI-driven Autoresponder: The Sendiio AI can write messages and send them out, or simply just set it up to send pre-written messages you input. 
  • Unlimited Campaign Creation: There is no limit to the number of campaigns/messages you can create. Make as many as you want and see what works best for which audience.  
  • Import Capabilities: Manually importing emails or phone numbers can be a major time-consuming hassle. Sendiio eliminates that and makes it super simple to import contacts. 
  • Flexible Scheduling System: Scheduling is easy. Send your messages out instantly or schedule to run at a later time or later date. Set it and forget it with Sendiio. 
  • Domain Integration: There is no limit to the number of domains you can have, so you can send emails from as many different brands and names as you need. 
  • Detailed Analytics: Track your campaigns and make informed decisions with the stats you get back.
  • Step-by-step Training Tutorials: This stuff can be tricky so Sendiio has multiple training videos to walk you through every aspect of setting up, managing and sending your campaigns.  
In conclusion, Sendiio integrates email, text, and Facebook Messenger campaigns into one dashboard, making it significantly easier to manage your marketing campaigns. It’s user-friendly, has a wide range of features, giving businesses of all sizes the opportunity to get organized and have successful marketing and customer engagement. Sendiio is the ultimate all-in-one marketing solution.
List Building

Sendiio 3.0 Agency

Sendiio makes sending a breeze by combining email, text, and Facebook messages onto one dashboard. It makes sending campaigns much more organized and eliminates the need for multiple different sending platforms.


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Sendiio 3.0 Agency
  • Sendiio 3.0 Agency $97.00
  • Sendiio 3.0 Booster $67.00
  • Sendiio 3.0 Bundle $297.00
  • Sendiio 3.0 EmailRamp $67.00
  • Sendiio 3.0 VA License $47.00

License Tiers

Sendiio 3.0 Booster


One time
  • Sendiio Booster
  • Send out additional emails to those who didn't open your original email
  • Schedule and resend multiple emails per day

Sendiio 3.0 Bundle


One time
  • Sendiio Bundle
  • Access to all the features included in Sendiio Agency, VA Licence, Booster and Email Ramp
  • Access to Sendiio Academy - advanced training so you can get more subscribers and higher conversions with less traffic
  • Access to Sendiio Automated List Profits - unlock over 300 premium DFY ebooks, with a proven squeeze page and follow-up sequence

Sendiio 3.0 EmailRamp


One time
  • Sendiio Email Ramp
  • Access to over 999 proven to convert emails
  • Fully tested and proven to bring in massive sales
  • Get extra 100 fresh, unique and highly persuasive extra emails every month from our copywriting team
  • Customize these emails inside Email Ramp, giving it your name and other changes you want with just a click of a button
  • Send the emails inside Email Ramp to your VA, marketing team or partner to review and use in your campaigns.

Sendiio 3.0 VA License


One time
  • Sendiio VA License
  • Add unlimited virtual assistants to your account
  • The VA License feature ensures that you can leverage the power of outsourcing, while protecting your most valuable asset, your subscribers!
  • Revoke access to any sub user quickly and easily

From the founders

Hey Wickedian! 👋 I'm Michal, the Founder of Sendiio 3.0 Agency – an AI-powered browser assistant. Our whole team is thrilled to be launching on Wicked Apps! ⚡️ Why we created Sendiio 3.0 Agency? Inspired by the latest advancements in natural language processing, we created Sendiio 3.0 Agency as your all-in-one personal assistant to help you get more done! Sendiio 3.0 Agency is designed to look simple, but it’s a powerful tool that can assist you with a wide range of daily tasks—from improving your writing and drafting documents, to answering questions and responding to emails. Sendiio 3.0 Agency integrates seamlessly with all websites, enabling you to access the power of ChatGPT without any interruptions. 🦄 What's special about it? What truly sets Sendiio 3.0 Agency apart is its versatility and the behind-the-scenes optimizations not found in other similar products. Whether you need instant answers, help with writing tasks, or a shortcut to streamline your browser experience, Sendiio 3.0 Agency has got you covered. Plus, you can create custom, personalized commands to automate your routine tasks! 📖 FAQs Where can I use Sendiio 3.0 Agency? Sendiio 3.0 Agency is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers. Does Sendiio 3.0 Agency support multiple languages? Absolutely! Sendiio 3.0 Agency can answer questions and daft documents in all languages. Can I use Sendiio 3.0 Agency in all countries? Yes, Sendiio 3.0 Agency is available worldwide. Can I use Sendiio 3.0 Agency on multiple devices? Certainly! As long as you're logged into the same account, Sendiio 3.0 Agency is at your service on multiple computers. Which plan is best for me? We encourage you to explore both plans and decide for yourself. The unlimited plan is better suited for long-form writing, as it provides more control over the language model and can process and create significantly longer content (up to 6500 words). How does Sendiio 3.0 Agency process your data? Sendiio 3.0 Agency respects your privacy. Your content and AI conversations are never stored on our servers or used for training the AI. ✉️ Questions and Feedback We're here to address any questions, and we can't wait to hear your feedback to make Sendiio 3.0 Agency even better! Please reach out to us at for support, bug reports, or feature requests. Also, check out our public roadmap to see what's coming up! To your success, Michal & the Sendiio 3.0 Agency Team

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