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Stoodaio works by taking text and turning what's on the page into a video. It’s changing the way users create videos. Video content is critical now for any business, shorter attention spans means less people want to read and more are intune to watch. This tool caters to many potential users, from marketers, to content creators to business owners.     

Who Benefits from Stoodaio?

Stoodaio is here for anyone looking to make the video creation process quick and easy. It can produce high-quality videos in minutes just by adding in some basic text or ideas you want for the video. It eliminates the need for video editing skills, or expensive equipment. It can create any sort of video a user may need, from advertisements, product demos, promotional video, to educational videos and instructional videos. 

Best For:

  • Marketers and Content Creators
  • Business Owners 
  • Educators and Trainers 
  • Social Media Influencers 


Stoodaio is innovative, it’s powered by AI and makes video creation easy with its text-to-video feature. It gets rid of the need for writing scripts, voiceover or editing. Its intuitive to use and understand so regardless of your video experience you can benefit from this. Videos can be created in any niche in any language so your videos will be perfect for your audience! 


  • Fully-Automated Video Creation: The entire process of creating a video is completely automated. From creating scripts, voiceovers, to animations, anything you need Stoodaio can do automatically. 
  • Text-to-Video Conversion: Add in any text-based content into Stoodaio and the platform can convert it into an engaging video. 
  • Text-to-Speech Technology: Take your text and turn into voice overs so you can have your message or slogan spoken in your video rather than just written. These natural sounding voice overs come in multiple languages and accents.  
  • Royalty-Free Media Library: Users of Stoodaio have access to a massive library of over 1.5M videos, images, and audio files to enhance your videos and supplement your video. 
  • Square and Vertical Video Support: Stoodaio can create videos for any platform you need. Whether you need a vertical video for Tik Tok or a square video for Facebook, Stoodaio has you covered.  
  • Watermarking and Branding: Customize your video by including your watermark and brand, so that everyone knows this video is yours. 
  • Text and Image Animations: Stoodaio offers a variety of text and image animations, making transitions look better and make the overall visual appeal of your videos better. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Scene Editing: Editing your video is easy with the drag-and-drop feature. No need for extensive video editing skills, simply drag scenes and pieces around. 
Overall, Stoodaio is changing the way users create videos. It can create high-quality professional videos quickly and easily. Its AI technology is advanced and with it’s user-friendly dashboard, users will have no problems creating visually appealing high converting videos!  

Stoodaio Agency

Stoodaio is a video creation program that can create videos in any niche in any language. With features like text-to-video, text-to-speech, and customizable animations, it's perfect for anyone looking to create professional videos in minutes.


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Stoodaio Agency
  • Stoodaio Agency $67.00
  • DFY Prompt Stoodaio $47.00
  • Stoodaio Booster $67.00
  • Stoodaio Bundle $297.00
  • Stoodaio Voice $47.00
  • Stoodaio Whitelabel $297.00

License Tiers

DFY Prompt Stoodaio


One time
  • DFYPrompt + Stoodaio Agency
  • Immediately Turn Your Creaite Content Into Profit-Producing Videos and Let our A.I Do it All For You
  • Exclusive, limited-time discount for Stoodaio for DFY Prompt Customers
  • Automatically add a human-like voiceover to your videos
  • Agency Access Included so you can sell videos as a service too!

Stoodaio Booster


One time
  • Stoodaio Booster
  • Powerful preview and pay feature
  • Seamless delivery
  • Get 5 sub users and VA licenses

Stoodaio Bundle


One time
  • Stoodaio Bundle
  • All the features and upgrades from Stoodaio Agency, Voice, Booster and Whitelabel
  • Access to Stoodaio Agency
  • 625 Unlimited Credits Per 6-months

Stoodaio Voice


One time
  • Stoodaio Voice
  • Speech to text, turn any voice clip or recording into a traffic driving video in minutes
  • Create videos from podcast clips, voice recording, and audio interviews

Stoodaio Whitelabel


One time
  • Stoodaio WhiteLabel
  • Ability to your own branding onto Stoodaio created videos
  • Connect any domain to the platform so your traffic sees the domain name you want them too

From the founders

Hi Wicked Apps-Lings 👋 We are eager for Stoodaio Agency to help you boost your online sales using sales funnels to support a rich and guided journey from lead to customer. We know how difficult it can be converting website traffic into geniune interest about you products or services. We at Stoodaio Agency are dedicated to facilitating this interaction by providing our customers with a simple to use builder with templates to get you up and running fast. What is Unique about Stoodaio Agency: - We are a Free-Form Build that allows you to place any image, button or text element anywhere your creative insight points you. - Stoodaio Agency is integrated with Stripe so you can take payments online at the correct moment to convert a lead into a customer - Best Practices Analytics with Progressive A/B testing to make sure you are doubling down on the correct messaging and layout. Our team is committed to making Stoodaio Agency better everyday and incorporating changes that are happening in the business and consumer purchasing landscape.

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